Pottery Love

I am a sucker for pottery-the earthy colors, the warmth they bring to the table, the uniqueness of each piece-I love everything about it! So, yesterday was quite the treat. I got to tag along with my mom and her two sweet friends to Merigold, Mississippi to visit some of our favorite pottery places-McCarty and Peter’s! Sam and I love all of our Peter’s that we got as wedding gifts, so I was super pumped to see where the pottery was made. We started the day at McCarty:


Then we ate lunch at McCarty’s little cafe. This vegetable soup was DElish.


This caramel pudding was every bit as good as it looks!Image

Our last stop was Peter’s. These pottery light fixtures are on my wish list for my dream kitchen.


I bought mostly gifts, but I treated myself to these little cuties-


I thought that they would be great for sour cream, dips, nuts and bolts, etc. My favorite thing acquired was a happy from my mom-she bought me a set of McCarty cereal bowls!


We used them this morning for yogurt granola parfaits (recipe to come). Image

I hate I didn’t get a pic of all the lovely ladies that so graciously let me accompany them! I was so tuckered out after traveling, I was ready for bed at 8:30! No shame here.



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