DIY Watercolor Calendar

watercolor sidewaysI love a good planner. When I was a student, I loved getting all of my syllabi at the beginning of the year to fill up my moleskine planner with assignments and events. Recently, I’ve been trying to keep up with the times and be hip with it by keeping all of our happenings in my iCal (I do realize I sound like I’m 25 going on 65-it’s fine). I’ve found I miss a tangible calendar. I wanted to be able to just look up at the fridge and see what we had going on over the next month. I didn’t want a normal black and white fridge calendar-it had to be pretty, duh. Watercolors are so pretty and I loved the way this project turned out. This calendar was seriously so easy, cheap, and took me all of 20 minutes (including drying time).

Here’s what you need:WCsupplies

  • 1 tube of watercolor-$3.99 (I used 2 to get an ombre effect, but you really can’t tell the difference between the colors I chose)
  • 1 18×24 piece of watercolor or multi-media paper (this was the closest to 16×20 I could find because I did not want to buy a whole watercolor pad)-$2.49
  • 1 cheap 16×20 plastic black frame-$4.99
  • 1 kitchen sponge-you most likely already have this on hand, I did! If not, around $1.73
  • 8 Magnets-I had these on hand, but if not, around 0.90 cents
  • Dry erase markers-most likely you already have these, if not, $3.94
  • Superglue-surely you already have this magic stuff! If not, $1.97
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • Inky pen
  • TOTAL COST: $11.47!*

*If you did not have everything on hand, this DIY could cost up to $20ish

What to do

  1. Get your ruler out, and measure 16X20 on your watercolor paper and mark with a pencil and cut with your scissors. Cut your sponge into a 2×2 square.
  2. Make rough estimates with your ruler and pencil of where you want your monthly title, rows, and columns for your day squares. I used about 1.5 inches for my rows (including title row) and 2.5 inches for my columns-but just kinda eyeballed it while I sponging on my squares.
  3. Squeeze a pea-sized amount of your watercolor onto a paper plate. Add water, a little bit at a time, and mix until your watercolor is the consistency/color that you want it to be (I used a straw to mix because I didn’t have a paint brush-hey it worked). I probably used about a teaspoon of water. You can always add more, but remember a little goes a long way!WCmix
  4. Now dip your sponge in the watercolor and start sponging. You need 35 squares total (5 rows of 7). Tip: I would dip your sponge into the watercolor every 5 or 6 squares to reload on paint.WCsponge
  5. Let dry, I think mine was dry within 5 minutes or so. Use an inky or felt tip pen to write “Month” and the days of the week. I used this one.WCblank watercolor
  6. Place in your frame. Superglue magnets on back. I used 4 across top, 2 in middle and 2 at bottom (disregard my little magnet at top-I had a blonde moment and didn’t realize it wouldn’t touch the fridge with its magnetic powers due to it’s size compared to the other magnets-it’s fine).WCmagnets
  7. Write all your exciting upcoming events on your new pretty calendar and stick it on the fridge for your daily viewing pleasure.WCcalendarWCcalendar1I loved this DIY! It adds such a pretty background to our daily schedule. I was inspired by this mom who made giant watercolor calendars as a fun activity with her kids. It was so hard for me to pick a color! I may just make another one soon so I can use a new fun color. Happy Thursday!



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