Monday Musings + Backpacking Ventures


Happy Monday!! Sam is on Fall Break today so this Monday is extra happy since that means tennis playing, bike riding, and a matinee showing of Captain Phillips! We got back yesterday from a backpacking trip to Sipsey Wilderness Area. I’m a newbie backpacker-this was only my second time to go-and I loved every minute of it! Sipsey was so beautiful! I kind of felt like I was Katniss in one of the Hunger Games arenas while we trekking through the woods and climbing over logs and boulders. Here are some snapshots of our trip:
ImageImageImageImageImageDSC_0027 DSC_0026ImageImageImage

What a man.


Seriously. S’more perfection.


The biggest tree I had ever seen!!


Don’t be fooled. I was thoroughly terrified I was going to slip off of one of these rocks-hence the butt scooting.






One of my favorite things about backpacking is being surrounded by God’s beautiful creation without any worldly distractions. Phone off and left in the car, no TV, no hulu or netflix, just walking through the woods. I love it!!



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