Monday Musings + Links I Love

Monday Musings

Big week ahead people! Thankful for being surrounded and encouraged by the prayers of my friends and family. Here are some snapshots of my weekend. Sam was out of town so this was my partner in crime the past couple of days:Image 4

I hope my hair will be just like hers. I can’t wait to try this recipe:Image 1

We drank lots of coffee, watched lifetime movies, and shared lots of laughs. Image 2

My sister-friend Leah and her other half, Allen, came home this weekend, but I didn’t get a single pic with her! I guess we were just enjoying the moment and soaking up some Tupelo-time. My heart feels so full after being her this weekend. Image 6

These are my roommates from college-aren’t they pretty 🙂 I miss them so much!Image 7Here are all the people who have been with me through thick and thin. Need to see these people! We need a reunion ASAP.

Image 8When I wasn’t with Leah or GM (Grandmommy), I was sitting at our kitchen table studying. Thankful for fresh flowers from my love to look at periodically to brighten my study time.
Image 5

Here are some links I was digging this week:

Abiding by these verses this week.

My favorite wordsmith J.K.

Katy-girl’s new CD is on Spotify! Have y’all listened yet? My faves (besides Roar of course) are Unconditionally, This Moment, and It Takes Two.

Auburn is in the top 10!!!!!

This Philippine girl wins the best cover of Wrecking Ball. She sings beautifully, but to top it off, she’s blind! Watch her sing while reading braille!

How many of these have you read? I’ve only read 20! I better get crackin. On my home from my test Wednesday, you better believe I’m picking this up as a prize! Cannot wait.

Happy Monday!



One thought on “Monday Musings + Links I Love

  1. Love this! You are going to do so great on your test!!! Glad you got some good time with Leah! Seeing old friends becomes even sweeter when you live in a town full of new friends. Lets have a reunion ASAP.

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