November Finds

November Keeps

1. I love booties this season and these are super-cute and affordable! 2. Green is my fav color so these are right up my alley. 3. This scarf is perfect to add to any fall outfit. 4. Cozy sweater in Auburn orange? I’m sold. 5. J.crew always has the best baubles. 6. I would live in these fur-lined kicks this winter. 7. Winter white love. 8. This jacket is the perfect transition for the not-so-cold state of Mississippi. 9. Velvet and polka dots!! And they come in tall. I’m in love.

See here for all of my faves!

Also, I passed my board exam!!!! This is how I felt when I found out Wednesday morning. Thank you so much for all the support and prayers! I definitely felt them. I start my big girl job next Wednesday and I couldn’t be more excited!! I got these pretties from my parents:Image 3

We pulled down our china for the first time and had some steak and parmesan & sea salt fries and topped it off with a banana milkshake to celebrate!Image 4 Image 1 Image 2

Also, this happened yesterday-Image

This pic was snapped after lots of big, ugly alligator tears were shed. I did NOT expect my hair to be this short! I just wanted a few inches trimmed off and this happened! When Sam came home and I just started crying and crying, he filled me with words that made me feel beautiful. I realized two things:

1.  I am so vain to have cried over a haircut.

2. I am so blessed that he loves me so well (even when I’m acting my silliest).

I’m liking my hair better, but it’s still a shock. This weekend is our inaugural surprise weekend (details to come), so we will snap lots of smiley pics instead of this mopey one. Happy happy Friday!!!!


3 thoughts on “November Finds

  1. OH my goodness! I love your finds. And I LOVE your china! So fun to have a special meal on your china!! Also, I like your hair!! Haven’t we all cried about a hair cut? Don’t be too down on yourself. Plus your hair is super cute. And dark? Gosh, I can’t believe I haven’t seen you since your wedding. I’m officially depressed about that! Have fun this weekend!!

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