Mondays musings


Happy Monday from the big apple!!! Look what happened this morning! More pics to come.



Monday Musings + Weekend Shapes

what ever you do

Happy happy Monday! I have such a full heart after seeing family this weekend! Friday, I got to watch my first Okolona basketball game (and victory!).

Saturday, we made french toast and headed to Memphis to see fam! We watched football and ate delicious food with my in-laws. We had the best kind of Sunday morning, full of pancakes, chatting, and piddling around before heading to the church house.
Image 1

Yesterday afternoon, we got to spend time with my fam and help decorate the tree! The Memphis stint ended with a giant plate of Germantown Commissary BBQ nachos, naturally.
Image 2 Image 3

Also, Iron Bowl in 5 days!!!! Go Auburn Go!



Monday Musings + Weekend Shapes

be still and know that I am with you

I started my new job last week and I was absolutely petrified. For the first time, I was no longer a student. I was treating patients by myself!!! I couldn’t even eat lunch on my first day because I was so anxious. These above words have been my mantra. I am so thankful for a job, helpful co-workers and the opportunity to finally use skills to help others! This weekend has been wonderful. Friday night we had a bonfire in our backyard complete with smore’s!Image 2Image 5Image 1

This guy.Image 3 Image 4On Saturday, we went down to Starkville with my mom. We had the best time seeing friends and family. Also, this happened. I. can’t. even. deal. I was running around giving everyone I saw a high five. WDE y’all.Image 6Image 7Image 9 Image 8

Happy happy Monday!


Monday Musings + Links I Love

good people

This weekend was our inaugural surprise weekend! A couple of months ago, Sam had this great idea to designate two weekends out of the year-one fall/winter and one spring/summer-for a weekend getaway. Rules include a pre-set budget and you can’t tell the person where you are going until you’re in the car. I got this fall, and Sam will get to plan this spring/summer. Then we switch-Sam will get to do fall/winter 2014 so we both get a chance to plan different seasons.  I went to Auburn and Sam went to UT Knoxville, so I knew we had to go when I saw that we played each other November 9. We drove to Nashville Friday to stay with Leah and Allen. Time with them makes me so happy.

Image 5

Then we woke up bright and early to head to Knoxville. We scalped some tickets and cheered on our teams (I had a lot more to cheer about). After, we got to tailgate with Julie and Jeff, our friends who introduced us! Then we hung out with our almost married friends Ethan and Kato. Time with friends is seriously the best. I had so much belly laughter this weekend-that’s when you know that it’s been a good one.Image 6Image 7

Knoxville is so pretty in the fall!! It was very crisp at the game. Maybe a little too crisp. I had to bum a sweatshirt from Ethan so I didn’t turn into a popsicle. This is our best attempt to capture the river and the color-changing trees (it was super sunny). Image 8

Also, look what came in the mail!!!!  Image 9It was such a wonderful weekend. So thankful for all the friends we got to see and for the Auburn win-war eagle!

Here are some links the caught my eye this past week:

Life improvement tips from Tom Haverford are always welcome.

First runner with Down Syndrome finishes NYC marathon. What an athlete and a hero! Such an aspiring story.

No Shave November, Disney-style.

Talk about seizing the moment! This is the best Dance Cam Video I’ve ever seen!

Happy happy Monday!


Monday Musings + Links I Love

find rest oh my soul

How was y’alls weekend? Ours consisted of family, friends, football, and tennis-aka, a GREAT weekend. Also, daylight savings time is really screwing with us. We ate dinner at 4:45 last night. It’s fine. The only good thing about a rainy Halloween is the excuse to wear these:Image

I love dressing up, but because of my test, I did not want to do anything that required much time or money. Solution-Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin! Here’s what I used:
Image 1

Our Halloween party was a success! Too much great food and lots of great people. Sadly, we only had 2 trick or treaters!Pumpkin Fruit Plate Image 3

Finally got back to writing some thank-you notes. Look how cute these are! My super-talented friend Leah designed them! Check out her shop here.
Image 4

Here are some things that caught my eye last week:

Dawson’s Creek. All grown up. Love seeing what my childhood friends are up to these days!

The Grizzlies heart Memphis. And I heart them.

If I could dance like these kids, I wouldn’t stop. Like ever.

I heart George W. Whether you agree with his political views or not, this video of George and his granddaughter Mila is adorbs. As is this pic of the former president and baby astronaut celebrating Halloween.

Happy Monday!



Monday Musings + Links I Love

Monday Musings

Big week ahead people! Thankful for being surrounded and encouraged by the prayers of my friends and family. Here are some snapshots of my weekend. Sam was out of town so this was my partner in crime the past couple of days:Image 4

I hope my hair will be just like hers. I can’t wait to try this recipe:Image 1

We drank lots of coffee, watched lifetime movies, and shared lots of laughs. Image 2

My sister-friend Leah and her other half, Allen, came home this weekend, but I didn’t get a single pic with her! I guess we were just enjoying the moment and soaking up some Tupelo-time. My heart feels so full after being her this weekend. Image 6

These are my roommates from college-aren’t they pretty 🙂 I miss them so much!Image 7Here are all the people who have been with me through thick and thin. Need to see these people! We need a reunion ASAP.

Image 8When I wasn’t with Leah or GM (Grandmommy), I was sitting at our kitchen table studying. Thankful for fresh flowers from my love to look at periodically to brighten my study time.
Image 5

Here are some links I was digging this week:

Abiding by these verses this week.

My favorite wordsmith J.K.

Katy-girl’s new CD is on Spotify! Have y’all listened yet? My faves (besides Roar of course) are Unconditionally, This Moment, and It Takes Two.

Auburn is in the top 10!!!!!

This Philippine girl wins the best cover of Wrecking Ball. She sings beautifully, but to top it off, she’s blind! Watch her sing while reading braille!

How many of these have you read? I’ve only read 20! I better get crackin. On my home from my test Wednesday, you better believe I’m picking this up as a prize! Cannot wait.

Happy Monday!


Monday Musings

he is withyou

Happy Monday! Here are some things that caught my eye this weekend:

  • Ummm let’s talk about how cute Kate is-this is unreal. Only she could look like this.
  • Now, I am NOT a fan of Miley. I think she’s cray cray. However, these two videos were an interesting twist to actually make her songs kid, and let’s be real, human-friendly to watch. Watch how Mumford and Fallon make Miley a little bit better here and here.
  • This is my life.

It’s freezing here (41˚!!!!). With space heater at my feet and coffee in my hand, I’m off to cozy up and study for the rest of the day.